Learning Bytes: OopsEd, Books and Buzzwords

A Byte of 2016 OLC Accelerate The 2016 OLC Accelerate came to me today via Virtually Connecting. A major takeaway was the reference to what is called accidental learning by Roz Hussin and her students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln – learning from the “Oops” moments of our lives. The following video captured our interaction of … [Read more…]

My Super Power as an Instructional Designer

  Someone asked me: What is your super power as an instructional designer (ID)? A terrific question! In these days of rapid technological development and free web tools, I’ll stick my neck out to say that any ID can learn to use multiple tools and acquire a range of credentials and certification in several areas, from project management … [Read more…]

Practical Formative Assessment Tools

I had the privilege of using some formative assessment tools in my face-to-face classes the last semester. That is, instead of suggesting tools for faculty to integrate in their lessons. This is a good thing — to learn and implement, research and practice– the symbiosis we instructional designers need to acquire or develop as education professionals. Both facets … [Read more…]

3 Recent Questions about Assessment

I don’t have to walk far from home to see “education centres” flourishing at almost every turn and corner in my neighborhood. The tuition industry in Singapore is a billion-dollar industry. I’ve been told that a certain tutor has become a millionaire without having to step out from his home, his tuition center. Why don’t I … [Read more…]