Digital Inclusion: It’s Not All or Nothing [repost]

[Originally posted in November 2015 for Digital Writing Month but the post has gone missing, so I’m reposting it on my own site Kreher, Y. W. (2015, November 3). Inclusive design: It’s not all or nothing. [Guest blog post] Retrievable from]   Do we have to talk about accessibility? (Again?) (Since we are talking about … [Read more…]

How Do I Know My Students Are Actually Learning in an Online Class? [draft]

[This is a first draft of some of my preliminary thoughts] I was asked this question during a consultation with a new online instructor. Sounds simple but I was somewhat stumped. I recall recovering in time to furnish a response. In hindsight, I want to put together a more thoughtful response. Essentially, this concern confounds most … [Read more…]