Instructional Design

[Selected Projects]

Coursera MOOC: Federal Taxation I

Coursera MOOC – Federal Taxation 1: Individuals, Employees and Sole Proprietors

I’m the instructional designer and project manager of this course.I designed the course with the instructor and his TA, and built the course with some student assistants. I also developed some media assets with a media team of videographer and graphic designer, including some graphics and animations.


A blog site for instructors in higher education. Website has a left navigation panel with an image of a University of Illinois landscape and a blogpost on the right entitled "Tips to Crafting a Learning-Centered Syllabus"

Engaged Learning Blog at 

This blog is a platform for me to share some tips with faculty on common instructional design topics.


Animated video for a module on Competency-Based Education in Higher Education

Screen capture of UNIV291 course site

UNIV 291 Seeing Your Thoughts WordPress Course Site


Institute of Inclusive Teaching 2015
2015 Institute on Inclusive Teaching, May 18-22, 2015

Metamorfosi Web Resource for Graduates New to Online Teaching

A Teaching Toolkit for Graduate Students Who Become First-Time Online Instructors


2014 Summer Online Course example that uses Google Community to support learning

2014 Summer Online Learning Initiative, faculty client’s G+ community.  (Uses Google+ Community to support learning)


2014 Summer Institute on Inclusive Teaching Homepage

Summer Institute for Inclusive Teaching, May 19-23, 2014.

Online Learning Summit 2014 homepage

2014 Summer Institute on Inclusive Teaching Homepage.

VCU Online Learning Summit, May 14, 2014, proposal reviewer.

VCU Online Learning Summit 2013 web page segment

VCU Online Learning Summit, May 14, 2013.

Preparing to Teach Online Module 2 on Assessment & Evaluation

Preparing to Teach Online, a semester-long course for faculty
transitioning to online teaching. I am in charge of Modules 2 (Learning
Goals & Outcomes) & 5 (Assessment & Evaluation).

Intersections website I coded from scratch 2006
I created this website from scratch (HTML & CSS coding) in summer 2006 in a Computer Art class. I continued to build upon it for a while, until doctoral studies took over. When I started my PhD studies, I spent more time on research projects — but I haven’t lost touch with educational technology.


Here are some other samples of works I’ve done in the past, for instance, Captivate Tutorials, like Getting Started: The Blackboard Interface:

Captivate tutorial on Getting Started with Blackboard

Self-directed learning CDROM. Training Guide for New Nursery Workers, created using Authorware for Central Baptist Church, Syracuse, NY, Aug-Dec 2004; implemented Feb 2005.

Self-directed learning CDROM Training Guide for New Nursery Workers


 A Spectator's Guide to Figure-Skating

A Spectator’s Guide to Figure-skating CDROM using DirMX, Flash, Photoshop, 2004. Sample:

Blended IDE 736 course design & development

Blended IDD&E graduate course design & development with Dr. Rob Pusch, instructor, IDE 736 Motivation in Instructional Design, Spring 2005, using Dreamweaver, Captivate, Photoshop. Teaching Assistant 2011.

Research and Evaluation

Learning Studio Study, Spring 2014, Principal Investigator. 
External Evaluator. School of Dental Hygiene program, Virginia Commonwealth University, April 17, 2013.

Learning Studio Project Site

Social Action Research: Campaign for Access. An interdisciplinary social action research and community education project to devise strategies for improving communication access for deaf people in health-care that do not rely on litigation. Directed by Dr. Marjorie DeVault, Dept. of Sociology, Dr. Michael Schwartz, College of Law, and Dr. Rebecca Garden, Upstate Medical University, sponsored by Imagining America grant. Role: Student researcher/instructional designer, Jan 2010 – present, in progress.

Investigating the Relationships among Individual Attitudes and Values towards Science, Informal Learning Habits and Interest in Science and Technology, an independent quantitative research project using GSS 2008data, and hierarchical OLS regression to predict interest in science. Spring 2010.

The Pursuit of Happy-ness: Persistence in Internet Use and Well-Being, an independent quantitative research project using GSS2002 data and chi-square statistical test to analyze statistical significance between measures of persistence in Internet use and general happiness. Dec 2009

Digital Entrepreneurship and Excellence Program, D.E.E.P., was funded by an Enitiative (a Syracuse Campus-Community Entrepreneurship Initiative) grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City, MO. Roles: Instructor, Instructional Designer, Fall 2008; taught movie-making to at-risk and disadvantaged youth in after-school club in a Syracuse middle-school.

Internal Evaluator, Syracuse University, Faculty Academic Computing Support Services, conducted formative evaluation of faculty technology use of Blackboard Learning Management System, July 2005.

Internal Evaluator, School of Education, Syracuse University, Front-End Needs Assessment Report for Internationalization of School Programs, Jan – May 2003.

External Evaluator, YMCA of Greater Syracuse, NY, Organizational Needs Assessment for Workforce Recruitment, Training & Performance Appraisal, Aug- Dec 2002, identified corporate need for development of competency statements.