I’ve not been keeping up with all my blogs due to a redirection in my life – full-time doctoral studies , but I’m back now. What inspired this post today has to do with research in the field of age management – you got it, the quest for the fountain of youth. I was captivated … [Read more…]

Fulbright FLTA Orientation

I saw many nationalities and ethnic groups of students at lunchtime around the quad and at King David’s. Well, here’s the presentation I’ll be making with Mike at 5:30 pm today. >> P.S. 8/15/08: If anyone is unable to view it on their pc, like on my tablet pc yesterday, you probably have to download … [Read more…]

Oops, yes, the conference

Yes, the conference. I ought to write a little about it, lest some folks think all I did was sightsee Vienna. Here are some links for those who are interested: 1. EdMedia08 twemes: http://twemes.com/edmedia08 2. Keynotes:04.07.2008:: Patricia Manson, “Technology Enhanced Learning in the 21st Century – The Role of European Research”.03.07.2008:: Peter J. Scott “Where … [Read more…]

Spectacular energizing Vienna

It takes a while to get used to sleeping at normal SYR hours and settling down to small city living. In Vienna, I cherished the urban vitality and accessibility to food, shops and European goods. The transportation system and big city living reminded me a lot of SG and the convenience of living in a … [Read more…]

Getting to Vienna – the how-to’s

I’m sitting at Hancock Airport now, kind of concerned about the low battery level and watching out for a power socket to plug into. BRB… found it. Flight leaves for Detroit at 12:37pm, then catch another flight to go to Amsterdam, Netherlands, then another to Vienna, Austria. By the time I land, it’s Sunday about … [Read more…]

Blogging as a Teaching Tool

Here’s the slideshow for the first Minnowbrook presentation on May 15, 2008 on Slideshare and on my own webspace (this one was impaticized and so has transitions): | View | Upload your own

Going to Minnowbrook to teach

I’m teaching 3 sessions at Minnowbrook this year: Blogging as a Teaching Tool (2 sessions) and Use of Media in Classroom Teaching (1 session). Here’s another clip from Common Craft by leelefever that gives an intro to blogging. or watch it here:

Twitter has come of age

I think Twitter has come of age. It has made the Chronicle of Higher Ed frontpage and Mike says it’s on TV news too. There’s a neat video of how it works by leelefever, the founder and principal of Common Craft.