Getting to Vienna – the how-to’s

I’m sitting at Hancock Airport now, kind of concerned about the low battery level and watching out for a power socket to plug into. BRB… found it. Flight leaves for Detroit at 12:37pm, then catch another flight to go to Amsterdam, Netherlands, then another to Vienna, Austria. By the time I land, it’s Sunday about … [Read more…]

Blogging as a Teaching Tool

Here’s the slideshow for the first Minnowbrook presentation on May 15, 2008 on Slideshare and on my own webspace (this one was impaticized and so has transitions): | View | Upload your own

Going to Minnowbrook to teach

I’m teaching 3 sessions at Minnowbrook this year: Blogging as a Teaching Tool (2 sessions) and Use of Media in Classroom Teaching (1 session). Here’s another clip from Common Craft by leelefever that gives an intro to blogging. or watch it here:

Twitter has come of age

I think Twitter has come of age. It has made the Chronicle of Higher Ed frontpage and Mike says it’s on TV news too. There’s a neat video of how it works by leelefever, the founder and principal of Common Craft.

Imagine Possibilities

As I was brainstorming ways in which technology can be deployed for learning and instruction, I came to the ubiquitous cellphone. How can we use this technology for teaching? I was pleasantly surprised, though not shocked by what I learned from this article. A Japanese lady had written an entire novel using a cellphone: “One … [Read more…]

SL: Changing Lives for the Better

We who are able-bodied and can get around in RL, may not feel how SL has particularly impacted us. But a group of 9 folks with cerebral palsy in Dorchester, Massachusetts have discovered how empowering and liberating it is to be able at last to do what they’ve always wanted to do, through SL.Wilde Cunningham … [Read more…]

What Journalists Make of SL

Hype and Backlash for Second Life Miss the Bigger PictureMediaShift. Blog by Mark Glaser, 2:19PM Apparently, journalists have spun quite a hype around SL and just as quickly is tearing down without knowing much about it. Not having spent enough time inworld themselves, they were just relying on reviews by other journalists. To quote one … [Read more…]

Whyville, Sims, SL etc

Darn, I missed the event that took place a month ago on what kids are learning in virtual worlds. Fortunately, here’s the link to the aggregate post with hyperlinks to the transcript, audio, and video posts that have been made of the event. USC is leading the pack in terms of research in SL. When … [Read more…]

Barriers to student learning in SL

I have over 2000 emails in my SLED listserv that I haven’t read; about 120 emails in SLresearch listserv for graduate students to plough through. However, I can’t delete them because there are goodies to be found. At a glance, there are some threads that are really helpful, like the one in this subject line. … [Read more…]

Catching up on VW again

I have been busy with so many things – work, reporting for church newsletter for a couple of months, friends, family, etc)…. I need to find some time to get back on track on my research about the 3D world. Fortunately, I subscribe to tons of stuff that I can refer to. Here are just … [Read more…]