Virtually Connecting at #OLCInnovate 2017

Coursera Partners’ Conference, March 28-31, 2017, Boulder, Colorado. Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate, April 5-7, 2017, New Orleans. These two conferences were scheduled too close to each other for me to attend both. Fortunately, we have Virtually Connecting! On April 5, 3:15 PM Central Time, I met up with onsite folks, Lora Taub-Pervizpour and Patrice Prusko, virtually, … [Read more…]

Learning Bytes: OopsEd, Books and Buzzwords

A Byte of 2016 OLC Accelerate The 2016 OLC Accelerate came to me today via Virtually Connecting. A major takeaway was the reference to what is called accidental learning by Roz Hussin and her students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln – learning from the “Oops” moments of our lives. The following video captured our interaction of … [Read more…]