Get me to OLC Innovate 2018 on Time!

The OLC Innovate 2018 Call for Proposal deadline is this Wednesday November 1. I’m rushing to get my proposal written with a graduate assistant this weekend. Doing this reminds me of my virtual participation this year via Virtually Connecting. I had not blogged about it, but it is a moment worthy of cherishing.

In 2017, I wasn’t able to be in New Orleans because I had just returned from a Coursera Partners’ Conference. I wrote a bit about my virtual session and left it at that.

When I received a message from OLC that I had won a prize, I thought it was a spam message.


Who? Me, a prize from OLC Innovate? It took me two days to get back to them because I thought this was unreal.

Then, I saw the tweets.


Then this.

Pointing to my tweet.

And this!


I won! I really won! That’s when I really believed that the message from OLC was for real.

And this.

A few key takeaways from this episode are:

  • Someone is reading my blogposts. No matter how few.
  • Using the correct hashtag matters.
  • Virtually Connecting is playing an important role in facilitating conference participation.
  • How a few bad experiences have made me suspicious of ever winning an award, via the web.

I’m working with students now on a social media project. I have a hard time convincing them that Twitter can be educational and useful. Also, many people just don’t get Twitter. I’m not a pro but I can appreciate the benefits of Twitter and am mindful of its risks too.

Question: How can I teach a bunch of millennials to learn to see the utility and fun of using Twitter? Let me know.

My OLC proposal beckons. Till we meet in Nashville.

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