Design Challenge: 30 Minutes of Learning

I have been working on a design assignment recently. Here’s the Design Brief:

  • Learners would be academic department chairs, faculty and course developers and only have 30 minutes to commit to learning this module
  • Topic: Competency-Based Learning in Higher Education

I had about two weeks to complete this assignment. Some of you may know that I’ve been out of the country for a while and most of my belongings are still out of the country. I operate now in a minimalist mode with only 5% of my belongings. In order to create this module, I finally had to go out and purchase a new desktop computer capable of supporting multimedia e-learning development work. Trying to create animated video clips on a laptop with a small screen real estate was impossible. So splurged I did. On hardware, on software, and more. Not affiliated with an institution means I couldn’t have discounted educational licenses and everything came out of my own pocket. A WordPress gravity form plugin costs US$39 now. Up to a point, I couldn’t pay for anymore tools or materials to create the module.

Bearing in mind time, money and other resource constraints, what follows are some screenshots of the module I came up with.

Competency-Based Learning in Higher Education website with a header banner of adult learners, an intro page and a right sidebar

Unit 1 page with title "A New Focus on CBE" and a sidebar of good-to-know resources

Unit 2 section about competency-based learning being a new way of looking at learning, and the next section with an infographic visual


It took a few days of ongoing research to understand the subject matter and about 7 days to develop the prototype.  I’m okay with it. It could be more engaging if I had more time and resources, but I did what I could with the limitations I faced. I’ll revisit this later to share updates on the planning and thinking process.

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