• ywbkreher@gmail.com

      You made my day (er night here!). And it was fun, Simon, so fun writing this! I often wonder how I can convey the difference in writing in Chinese and English for me, and how the two cultures are vastly different, to me, anyway. 🙂

      Brushstrokes crafting a character that conveys a rich meaning versus letters that form a word. So different, so different.

      Thanks for visiting!

  1. This is so strong. Watch how it will squeeze out of the corners of our eyes, out from our fingertips, and across the Net, even into next year. Nice room you have here.

    • ywbkreher@gmail.com

      Thanks, Keith. I simply wrote in a free-writing mode, letting my thoughts flow. I’m glad it came across in a positive way to readers.

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