1. Writing becomes a trail of who we are … wondering about how the digital changes that trail … do “we, the writer of the letters left behind” become harder to find or easier to find? I don’t know. It seems like if your parents wrote something on hard copy, you personally would find it. But let’s say they wrote a secret blog somewhere. Would you find that? Or would it be lost to the world?
    How do we curate ourselves in a Digital World?

    • ywbkreher@gmail.com

      If my dad had written a blog, I know he would let us know before he left this world. That’s my dad. Before he passed away, he gave us instructions to all the keys and secret compartments in his cabinets. 🙂

      Now as for other people, it might be lost. I have a few blogs I don’t make public. So they will be unknown and lost. They document some very personal parts of my life. Maybe we should include all these “secret blogs” as “inheritance” in our personal wills? Crazy idea?

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