1. Ok, Yin, let's test this out…

    Songs My Mother Taught Me:
    1. Rollerskates (Melanie)
    2. Cecelia (Simon and Garfunkel)
    3. Islands in the Stream (Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton)
    4. Yellow Submarine (Beatles)
    5. Telephone (Sheena Easton)

    Songs I Wish My Mother Taught Me
    1. Roll with the Changes (REO Speedwagon) – "If your're tired of the same old story, turn some pages."
    2. Take Me To Church (Hozier) Power in honesty vulnerability
    3. Yes, Anastasia (Tori Amos) – Aim very very big when writing a song
    4. Cool, Cool River (Paul Simon) – Just because it's the best song ever.
    5. Laughing With (Regina Spektor) because it questions our relationship with God in a much more profound and real way than Joan Osbourne's One of Us. And no one laughs at God in a hospital – that's really true.

    Hmm, yes, it's fun, engaging and people can take it as personal as they want. Nice idea. Thanks Yin.

  2. Laura, Thanks for testing this out.
    Your mom taught you interesting stuff.
    As for songs you wished your mom taught you, I had to look them up. They are very rich and meaningful songs. I enjoyed learning about them and you, a bit more, ;-).

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