1. Hi again, Yin Wah. Hopefully this time my comment won't disappear. Crossing my fingers. I enjoyed reading your post – thanks for the mention. I'm trying to take things slowly too which means resisting half reading many things without the reflection. It makes me realise how futile overcrowded reading lists are for students. In this case you can imagine they just read to catch up and don't have time to sit and think about anything – not to mention share their thoughts with a community. Thanks for the link to Jon Udell's Wikipedia editing – I hadn't seen that. I'd like to use it for our upcoming Digital Citizenship session with year 10 students. I appreciate you taking time to link to things; sometimes I'm too rushed to do that but it's valuable. It's nice to meet you, and your tweets have provided me with some excellent things to pursue!

  2. Finally! It's working. Gosh, if you hadn't told me I wouldn't have known about this glitch. So merci beaucoup! Greetings from the USA, Tania, thank you for dropping by. I think that it's not just overcrowded lists alone that need to be changed, but we as facilitators need to provide a thinking culture and create a thinking environment. I hope this summer to teach a course centered on these passion of mine. Thanks to #ccourses for connecting us!

  3. Thanks for dropping by to connect. I've been busy with many things and haven't been able to get to #ccourses as much. Your post on your struggles was heartwarming. I hope you felt supported in many ways. The "dumping of the heart" can seem vulnerable but courageous conversations have seen results, non?

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