1. The Gross National Happiness Index has always interested me. I have real questions about the ability to do research/data gathering about much of anything that really matters and has deep substance and nuance. Most of what I've seen is either fairly trivial or reflective of practice devoid of sophistication and measured in simple ways.

  2. IMHO, the more complex/deceptively simple the concept, the more bloated the measurement instrument tends to be. The Gross National Happiness Index has multiple domains and 33 cluster indicators. Research is at once intriguing and frustrating when we attempt to "operationalize" and "measure" them. Social science research more so than others. :-). Less is at stake regarding love for one's work. I don't know that I care about measuring the capacity of one's happiness or the degree of one's "love" towards one's work. (Of course, the King of Bhutan thinks otherwise.) The influence of such mental states towards making a difference for good on self and others are what I consider to be more significant.

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