1. Faith Haller

    sighs I wish you could do mines. I been up for over 24hrs going through the same struggles you went through. Fortunately you came up with a solution. Unfortunately I can't comprehend your solution and it could be because I'm slightly frustrated and been at this for too long. I see it worked for you. I may need to step back, rest then come back to your page. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure I'll get it.

  2. Faith Haller

    I wish you had a youtube video because I'm confused with #1-#4. The worst part is I'm a web designer and can't grasp none of this.

  3. Hi, sorry for this delay.

    Filezilla is a free app downloadable at https://filezilla-project.org/. This is a file upload service I use to transfer my slider to a webhosting service. Once installed, you enter your webhost's FTP address, username and password. Once uploaded to a webhost. You have the address to continue with the rest of the steps. Is this helpful?

  4. Hi! Thanks for the explanation! It is a bit hard to follow. But since you prove it is possible I didn't give up and found out how to do it!! 🙂
    My I advise to people who dont get the whole Filezill part either: Do not use Filezilla which is totally impossible to understand?? but just upload your files in your public Dropbox folder.
    Then there are several links in the part between the [head] that you need to change to the dropbox link (ex href="engine1/style.css") look well to where they link and replace these links with the dropbox links!( ex: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/xxxxx/engine1/style.css) Do the same for all the link in the body part! And it works!

    But seriously thanks a lot for the explanation!! 🙂

  5. Mariz, you have to transfer your WoW slider folder of images to a web hosting space. This "wowfoldernameofimages" refers to your own folder of slide images. I uploaded it to my webhost. A commenter here uploaded it to Dropbox. You have to find space for that and upload it to get the weblink which is unique to your own project. I'm trying to find time to create a newer tutorial. I hope this helps a bit?

  6. Hi Yin. I've been trying to add the slider to the top of my blog, just beneath my header, with no luck. I am completely useless at code – never done it before – and have been trying for the past 24 hours to get this to work. I have my files uploaded onto google drive, and have tried to install using the "add HTML" widget but still no luck. Any suggestions? thanks!

  7. Wow Yin you are a total genius, i was searching long time for a solution to add wow slider to blogger. Finally your article helped me to understand the process & execute. Thanks for your post.

  8. Anonymous

    Good directions except you're skimming over step 4 like it's not a big deal or a problem. It IS a big deal and problem and that is why you never see any WOW Sliders on Blogger sites.

    If you could give a separate, step-by-step tutorial on what FTP hosts will WORK for hosting WOW Slider files, AND how to get those files hosted there AND how to get them linked to WOW slider code at Blogger, that would be great.

  9. Thanks for your post. I used Dropbox. I did everything in the instructions and all I have are broken links, no pictures. I'm missing something…Is it possible that someone could do this as a video tutorial?

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